10 things that make me smile

Right. No long preamble for this post, other than I’m writing it off the cuff because quite frankly there’s enough rubbish going on in the world and sometimes I feel we all need to step back and focus on simple things that make us happy. So without further ado, here are 10 things that make me smile…

1. My husband. Yup, that’s cheesey, but he makes me laugh every single day.IMG_7095

2. Walking on the Malvern Hills. In fact, any good walk with a view is smile tonic.

3. Pictures of hedgehogs. Does anyone not like hedgehogs?

4. Getting emails from former students telling me about their new job. It’s just lovely.

5. Leaving a mince pie and glass of sherry by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Yes, even at the age of 30 – it makes me feel festive.

6. Finding a new dress that has sensible pockets. Not enough women’s clothes have decent pockets so it’s very satisfying to find something that can comfortably hold a phone, pen, tissues etc. without bulging ridiculously.

7. Jumping over waves in the sea. And just generally being on a beach, preferably with a good book.

8. When I call my Mum and she says ‘that’s strange, I was just about to call you!’. ‘Nuff said.

9. Eating Pringles. I bloody love Pringles. Especially the cheesey ones.

10. Looking through old photographs of family and friends. Today would have been my wonderful Granny’s 100th birthday, actually. So instead of worrying about the inevitable Br***t chaos that’s no doubt going to continue this evening, I’m going to raise a glass to her instead. Probably while watching the Sewing Bee, which I think she would have approved of.


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