10 more things that make me smile

Just over a year ago, I wrote a list of 10 things that make me smile. Right now I’m feeling pretty anxious and sad about all sorts of things again, as I’m sure many people are, but instead of dwelling on them further I thought it would be more healthy to think positive by writing another happy-focused post. So here we go…

1. New books. By which I mean any book new to me, whether that’s one I’ve borrowed from a friend, bought second hand, or a shiny actually new edition. Even if they pile up, the promise of fresh stories between the covers awaits.

2. A satisfyingly dippy boiled egg with Marmite toast soldiers. (If you’re on the hate side of the Marmite binary, I won’t hold it against you).

IMG_20200315_1416023. Dungarees. They’re comfy, have pockets, and are far and away my favourite thing to wear.

4. Seeing daffodils open at this time of year. Bursts of yellow joy, even on a rainy day.

5. Writing letters and cards. I have a few friends who I write to semi-regularly, from both high school and uni days, and receiving a handwritten envelope through the post is just lovely. Plus, you actively have to set aside a few minutes to read and absorb each other’s news.

Regardless of my love of ink and paper, though…

6. Being able to video-call my brother in Australia. I’ve never been more grateful that technology allows me to see and speak to him in real time, even though he’s on the other side of the world.

7. Silhouetted trees against the sunrise or sunset. One of the many benefits of walking to work.

8.  Magic painting books. I used to have these when I was tiny, then my Mum gave me one for Christmas last year. You just brush water over the black patterned areas and colours appear! A good mindfulness activity.

9. DetectoristsIf you haven’t seen Mackenzie Crook’s gentle, gorgeous TV series about two friends who wander the fields hunting for treasure, then I thoroughly recommend you give it a go (currently available on iPlayer). It’s brimming with good vibes.

10. Squirrel watching. Another walk-to-work or through-the-kitchen-window pleasure, that inevitably ends in me attempting to take photos that don’t come out well as they skitter about. But it’s still fun to try.

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