Peaky Perspectives

Peaky Blinders returns this evening and I’ll be watching with notebook in hand, poised to scribble down thoughts for my PhD. It feels like Series 5 has had more press attention than any of the previous four, and there’s a definite buzz about the drama in Birmingham. The bronze bull was wearing a full Peaky outfit, complete with flat cap and pocket watch (until the hat was sadly stolen), and I also snapped the massive mural of Tommy Shelby down in Digbeth yesterday, reproduced from the BBC’s #peakysfanart competition.

While I unfortunately haven’t had time to blog recently, due to being busy with studying and the day job (and actually allowing myself a short holiday), I did co-write a short piece for the University website, with Professor Finola Kerrigan, about what the popularity of Peaky Blinders means for Birmingham. Please do check it out via this link: Peaky Blinders: a gritty brand for Birmingham? 

Hope you all enjoy the first episode tonight and I’d love to hear your own Peaky perspectives!


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